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Students attend internships at the time specified in the academic year schedule.

In justified cases, the Dean may give the consent for the internship to take place at a different time, not interfering with the class schedule, on individual terms defined for each particular case. In such a case, students should write a letter to the Dean, requesting and justifying the change in the time of the internship. The letter should be submitted along with an internship schedule not interfering with other academic activities at the University. The final decision is made by the Dean.

Students may undergo an internship:

a) at External Entities,
b) at the University,
c) by participating in the activities of a science camp,
d) as part of their professional work.

a) Internship at an External Entity

Students may individually suggest External Entities at which they wish to undergo an internship or use the help of the Internship and Career Centre (CPK) for PUT Students and Graduates. This institution offers all the necessary information concerning External Entities willing to accept students for internships. All information concerning the operation of CPK can be found at: www.cpk.put.poznan.pl.

The internship referral is issued by CPK (in 2 copies). The student should obtain the Internship Coordinator’s signature on the referral, and deliver it (either personally or by mail) to the External Entity. The External Entity keeps one copy of the referral and gives the other one (upon signing) back to the student who submits it to the Internship Coordinator.

If the database (in CPK) does not include an offer of the External Entity the student wishes to undergo an internship at, the fact should be reported to CPK. In such a case, CPK signs a cooperation agreement with the External Entity, and issues an internship referral, or signs a one-time trilateral agreement. A copy of the one-time trilateral agreement should be submitted to the Internship Coordinator.

b) Internship at the University

Students may undergo an internship at the Poznań University of Technology. In this case, the consent for such an internship to take place, and the certificate of internship completion, are issued by the Head of the Chair where the internship takes place.

c) Internship through participation in the activities of a science camp

Student participation in the activities of a science camp may be recognised as the basis for credit for student internship in whole or part, if the camp programme corresponds with the requirements defined in the study programme for a given internship. In such a case, a student should write an application to the Internship Coordinator, specifying the information about the science camp, including in particular: the duration of the camp, the camp programme, the scope of activities, and the name of the scientific supervisor. The application should be appended by documents confirming the provided information, the opinion of the scientific supervisor, and an extended report on the activities pursued at the camp. The student should also fill out the Internship Self-Evaluation questionnaire (Annex 5 to the Organisational Regulations of Student Internship).

d) Internship as part of professional work

The Internship Coordinator may recognise students' professional work as the basis for credit for student internship, if the nature of the work meets the requirements defined in the student internship programme.

A student willing to have his professional work credited as a student internship should write a relevant application to the Internship Coordinator. The application should specify: the period of work to be credited (according to the study programme - 160 hours), the company address, the student's work position, the scope of duties, and a brief description of professional activities connected with the education in Electronics and Communications. The application should be appended by a certificate of employment at a given position (or employment contract, contract of mandate, etc.), along with a brief description of work duties. The student should also fill out the Internship Self-Evaluation questionnaire (Annex 5 to the Organisational Regulations of Student Internship). It is also recommended that the company fill out the Company’s Opinion questionnaire (Annex 4 to the Organisational Regulations of Student Internship).

The student shall complete all formalities connected with the arrangement of the internship: obtain the consent of the External Entity and the Internship Coordinator with regard to the selected internship, and assemble and deliver all the necessary documents to the Internship Coordinator and External Entity.

The internship-related documentation includes:

  1. a  letter from the External Entity/University stating a preliminary declaration of the willingness to accept the student for internship, unless CPK has previously signed a cooperation agreement,
  2. an internship schedule prepared jointly by the student, Internship Coordinator and External Entity representative before the start of the internship,
  3. an agreement between the Poznań University of Technology and the External Entity signed by the Internship and Career Centre for PUT Students and Graduates (CPK), regulating the formal and legal issues connected with referring the student for the internship,
  4. an internship record prepared by the student and corroborated by a representative of the External Entity/University and the Internship Coordinator,
  5. a questionnaire describing the educational effects obtained in internship; the questionnaire is filled out by a representative of the External Entity/University and the student-trainee,
  6. a certificate of the completion of internship issued by the External Entity/University,
  7. if the internship is conducted on different terms than described in Section 8, the student shall provide the Internship Coordinator with documents confirming the course of the internship, e. g. a copy of an employment contract, contract of mandate, etc.

Credit for the completion of the internship (“zal.”) is entered by the Internship Coordinator into the electronic protocol.

Credit for the internship is given by the Internship Coordinator on the basis of the following documents:

a) a certificate confirming the completion of the internship,

b) an internship record,

c) questionnaires describing the educational effects.

Internship Coordinators hold meetings with students, at which they present all information concerning internship organisation. The meetings are held at the beginning of the semester when the internship is to be completed.

In the case of any doubt, one should contact the Internship Coordinator or the Dean’s Representative for Internships.


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