Authorised VUE Pearson Examination Centre


On 17April 2012 Poznan University of Technology has been awarded the status of

Authorised Pearson VUE Examination Centre..

Pearson VUE is an organisation providing millions of Professional tests per year to users all over the world. These tests make it possible to obtain different certificates and permits. The network of Professional Pearson VUE Examination Centres consists of more than 5,000 centres in 165 countries. Pearson VUE is part of Pearson plc company, which is the largest commercial test provider for examination centres worldwide, with some USD 8 billion of income. Main organisational units of the company are located In the USA, UK, India, as well as in China and Japan.

The title of Authorised Pearson VUE Examination Centre authorises the PUT to run certified on-line exams in theoretical and practical knowledge of products and technologies of the following companies:

Contact info:

Pearson VUE Examination Centre
3a Piotrowo street, room 536
60-965 Poznań
Centre Administrator:
Michał Dominik Stasiak
Tel. +48 506 171 196
Fax +48 61 647 5861
Official Pearson VUE website:



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