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Students’ Union


The members of the Faculty Council of Students’ Union:

  1. Michał Kawa – head (email: michalkawa@interia.eu)
  2. Paweł Kubczak
  3. Krystian Wawrzyniak

In line with the national regulation on higher education, the Students’ Union is constituted by all students at a university. Each group has its own student supervisor (starosta), and the supervisors of groups elect from – their own body – the student supervisors of particular years of study. Each faculty elects the Faculty Councils of Students’ Union.

There are four commissions of the University Council of the Students’ Union: educational, social-economic, cultural, and promotion. Each student can participate actively in the commissions’ work, regardless of being or not being a member of the Union.

Students make up 20% of the membership of Faculty Councils and PUT Senate. Thanks to that the students have real influence on the decision-making process at the university. We collaborate with the university and faculty authorities on every day basis; we participate in the work of all Senate commissions. Moreover, we are actively engaged in the university life: education control and improvement, adapting the didactic process to the market requirements, the division of resources for financial aid for students, the development of all academic regulations concerning students, repair matters, accommodation. We defend wide interests of students in other fields of education and university activity.

The Students’ Union co-operates also with organisations active within the PUT and beyond, like NZS (Niezależny Związek Studentów – Independent Association of Students), ESN Erasmus Student Network, IAESTE, IACES, AEGEE, etc., with other Polish and international universities and higher schools. Together we create a lot of undertakings and projects, like Juwenalia – a yearly academic city feast, Poznan Student Rock Festival.

Details on our activities are available at: http://www.samorzad.put.pl (in the Polish language)

If you want to do something for other students, meet great people, gain different experiences – we invite you to contact us, and cooperate!


Faculty Council of the Students’ Union

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