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General Information


According to the study curriculum of the Electronics and Telecommunications programme at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, student internship lasting 4 weeks (20 working days of 8 hours each – 160 hours in total) is to be completed after the 6th semester of undergraduate (first-cycle) studies (both full-time and part-time), and after the 1st semester of full-time graduate (second-cycle) studies. The internship should take place at the time allotted in the academic year schedule (under item: Summer holidays and internship, e.g., in the 2018/2019 academic year – between Jun 1, 2019 and Sept. 16, 2019). In justified cases, the Dean may give consent for the internship to take place at a different time, not interfering with the class schedule, on individual terms defined for each particular case. The arrangement and implementation of student internship is supervised by the Dean’s Representative for Internships. The person in charge of all matters related to the arrangement of internship, particularly the supervision of its content and giving credit for its completion, is the Internship Coordinator.

Internship is part of the educational process and receiving credit for it is mandatory (Section 32(1) of the PUT Study Regulations). An internship credit is recorded in an electronic protocol. The credit for internship is given by the Internship Coordinator appointed by the Dean.

The purpose of student internship is to obtain practical knowledge of issues connected with the study programme. During the internship, a student should obtain educational results in terms of knowledge, abilities and social skills, according to the Education Module Description Chart concerning internships in Electronics and Telecommunications. The internship programme should correspond to the Electronics and Telecommunications programme or a particular study specialisation, and should fulfil the requirements specified in the relevant Education Module Description Chart.

Student internship may be implemented by an External Entity or the University. According to the Higher Education Act currently in force, the University cannot refund internship-connected costs; therefore, the student should perform the internship at the place of his or her permanent residence. The Poznan University of Technology provides students with accident insurance (group accident insurance) for the period of the internship specified in the study schedule. If a student wishes to continue the internship beyond this period, he or she should obtain an individual insurance, and prove it by presenting a valid policy to the Internship Coordinator or External Entity. If a student participates in the internship during the academic year (at the consent of the Vice-Dean for Teaching), he or she must incur the insurance costs individually.

The organisational terms of student internship are regulated by the "Organisational Regulations Concerning Student Internship Included in the Study Curriculum at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications of the Poznań University of Technology" available at the Faculty website.

At the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, the administrative matters related to internships are handled by Ms. Paulina Grenda, room 327, tel. 61 665 2296.

The Dean’s Representative for Internships is dr inż. Janusz Kleban, room 210 (the Faculty building at ul. Polanka 3), tel. 61 665 3929, e-mail: janusz.kleban@put.poznan.pl.


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