Postgraduate studies


Design and operation of modern teleinformation networks for professionals

The aim of the programme is to give the students knowledge on the methods of design and operation of modern teleinformation networks. The programme describes the methods for design and traffic analysis of wide area packet networks as well as wireless and wired local networks. Next, security in modern teleinformation networks and the rules of their operation are discussed. Additionally, the theoretical knowledge transmitted to the students is practically applied during numerous laboratory classes, run with the use of modern network equipment. Such mix of theory and practice will enable the students to obtain the vocational certificate Cisco Certified Network Professional.

Implementation of telecommunication services in packet networks (VoIP)

The aim of the programme is to give the students theoretical principles of modern teleinformation networks performance as well as the implementation of traditional telecommunication services in packet switching networks. Close attention is paid to the practical aspect of the programme. To this end, a number of laboratory classes is run, regarding both the basics of teleinformation networks performance and various specific solutions relating to VoIP services.

Cisco Networking Academy

The staff of the Chair of Communication and Computer Networks carry on training within the Cisco Network Academy, established at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. The Academy offers preparatory courses for professional certificates CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) as well as CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional), highly valued on the labour market.

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