Wydział Elektroniki i Telekomunikacji

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The faculty runs a number of courses in different fields of studies at the Poznan University of Technology. The program in Electronics and Telecommunications results from the own experience as well as the knowledge gained from cooperation with a great number of universities abroad. The structure of the program adheres to the rules according to which its counterparts around the world are structured. Own scientific activities carried out at the institute were taken into consideration when preparing the program.

The program is based on the following rules:
All students are enrolled for five-year M.Sc. studies; there is a possibility to finish study after the seventh semester and, having passed the final exam, to receive a degree of B.Sc. in the field of electronics and telecommunications. During the last three semesters students attend supplementary courses in order to complete the M.Sc. degree. The courses are available for B.Sc. graduates in electronics and telecommunications and for students from related faculties (after some preparation).

Each year a greater number of the courses taught in English has been offered to both exchange and regular students of electronics and telecommunications at the IET PUT. The exchange is usually carried out within the EU ERASMUS program. The implementation of European Credit Transfer System providing a way of measuring, comparing and transferring learning achievements guarantees the academic recognition and enables an access to regular courses at PUT and at partner universities.

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