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Academic Calendar


The academic year in Poland is divided into two semesters - autumn and spring, each lasting for 15 weeks.The autumn semester starts in October and lasts till mid February, with Christmas holidays of about ten days. The examination session usually lasts for two or three weeks, beginning in January. The spring semester starts in mid February and ends in June, with a one-week break for Easter. Summer holidays last for three months - from the beginning of July to the end of September, but only for those students who passed all exams at the spring semester examination session (taking place for two-three weeks in June). The ones who did not succeeded take the exam(s) in September.


Academic Calendar 2018/2019


2017/2018 Academic Year:

Opening Ceremony: October 4th at 11:00, Main Hall Lecturing University Centre, Piotrowo street 2

Autumn semester 2017/2018

15-week period                           October 1st 2017 - 28th January 2018
Examination                              January 29th 2018 - 23rd February 2018
Christmas Holidays                    December 23rd 2017 - January 2nd 2018

Spring semester 2018

15-week period                           February 24th 2018 - June 15th 2018
Examination                               June 16th 2018 - June 29th 2018
and                                           September 17th 2018 - 30th 2018

Holidays and practical training      June 30rd 2018 - 16th September 2018
Easter Break                              March 30th 2018 - April 3rd 2018

Days off:

2nd May 2018, 1st June 2018

National Holidays

January 1st - New Year
January 6th - Epiphany
March 30th - 3rd 2018 - Easter
May 1st - Labour Day
May 3rd - Constitution Day
May 31st 2018, Corpus Christi
August 15th - Polish Army Day
November 1st - All Saints Day
November 11th - Independence Day
December 25, 26th - Christmas


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