Wydział Elektroniki i Telekomunikacji

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Research at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications


The following scientific areas are in focus of the faculty research-teams' activities: 

  • Data transmission techniques in CDMA, OFDM i OFDM/CDMA ADSL and VDSL systems,
  • Digital signal processing,
  • Adaptive digital transceivers,
  • Mobile cellular networks,
  • Application of information theory and channel coding in wireless transmission,
  • Software defined radio and cognitive radio technologies,
  • E-learning,
  • MAC protocols for WLAN applications,
  • Test data volume compression,
  • Built-in self-test and fault diagnosis,
  • Architectures and control of switching fabrics,
  • Packet switch architectures and scheduling algorithms,
  • Audio and video compression,
  • Image and video processing,
  • Digital television, interactive television, free-view tv,
  • FPGA programming, design for FPGA and ASIC,
  • Fiber optics and photonics,
  • Cryogenic electronics,
  • Quantum metrology,
  • Distributed computer measurement systems,
  • Optical amplifiers in very low temperatures,
  • Synchronization of communication systems.
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