Wydział Elektroniki i Telekomunikacji

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Graduate's profile


1-cycle (BSc) studies

Graduate’s profile: Electronics and Telecommunications programme

The graduates have knowledge and skills necessary to implement and operate electronic circuits, devices and systems as well as telecommunication systems, networks and services. The graduate is ready to work in enterprises manufacturing electronic and telecommunication equipment, and also with telecommunication network and service providers. The graduate should know a foreign language (particularly English) at level B2 – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and is able to use the technical language in the field of electronics and telecommunication. The graduate is prepared to take 2-cycle (MSc) studies.

2-cycle (MSc) studies

Graduate’s profile: Electronics and Telecommunications programme

The graduates are prepared to create technological progress. They have skills appropriate to undertake creative engineering tasks and lead professional teams. The graduate is ready to work in institutions operating in electronics and telecommunications, including design and development units of enterprises, and in research institutes. The graduate is prepared to take 3-cycle (PhD, doctoral) studies.


Graduate’s profile: Technical Applications of the Internet programme(TZI)

The graduate – admitted to the TZI programme with the BSc diploma in one of the following disciplines: physics, telecommunications, economy and management – obtains advanced knowledge in all the three disciplines. Thus, the TZI graduates are prepared to formulate and solve complex inter-disciplinary problems (technical and economic), which is necessary to implement high technologies in innovative economy. The graduate can utilise the professional literature in particular disciplines and carry on professional discussion with groups of specialists in different fields of science and economy. The broad education defined in such way makes the graduate a natural leader of mixed, research&development and industrial teams. The graduates have knowledge and skills enabling them to take jobs in R/D units and innovative enterprises. They are perfectly prepared to actively participate in the processes of economic transformation in the areas of production and services. They are also ready to continue education within 3-cycle (PhD, doctoral) studies.


3-cycle (PhD) studies

Graduate’s profile: Communication Technologies programme

The graduates are outstanding specialists in the chosen area of communication technologies. They have extensive knowledge and skills enabling them to solve scientific problems, presenting research results on conferences and in scientific  journals. They also have obtained teaching skills and experience at the university level. They are prepared to participate actively in large research teams, including international once, and to play a leading role in such groups.





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