Wydział Elektroniki i Telekomunikacji

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Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications

The Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (FET) at Poznan University of Technology is one of the top rated research and educational institutions in Poland. It maintains standards of excellence in teaching and research, leadership in professional affairs and high visibility. The FET was established in October 2006 based on the previous Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications, set up in 1985 (The IE&T was  renamed from the former Institute of Electronics, established in 1974). The extension of the Institute's name reflected major changes in research and education which have occurred in the last decades. Now the unit is one of 10 faculties of Poznan University of Technology.

The FET mission is to provide graduate and undergraduate education and to conduct research in information and communication technologies. Innovation and breadth of opportunity are the hallmarks of the FET educational experience. Educational programs can be taken on a full time or weekend basis. All available courses are designed to meet a variety of challenges by providing professional training as we continue to respond to the diverse needs of the information age. Our curriculum provides students with a superb background for careers in an increasingly technological society.

The Dean of FET is Prof. Krzysztof Wesołowski,
Vice Deans are: Prof. Hanna Bogucka, Prof. Grzegorz Danilewicz, and Dr Krzysztof Arnold.



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